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Curcumin is a particularly strong anti inflammatory and the elimination of inflammation in the body is now thought to be a golden bullet in terms of treatments for many disorders. In terms of hair loss and in particularly genetic hair loss in men, there have been many different theories around the causes of hair loss  and its treatment.


The 50 Miracle Cures of Curcumin


One particular theory of hair loss is that the human hair sufferers from miniaturisation due to its exposure to dihydrotestosterone which is a derivative of testosterone. Over time the hair follicle miniaturises  until there is no hair left. This has led many hair loss sufferers to attempt to stop the conversion or aromatisation of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. A popular prescription drug known as Propecia whose generic name is finasteride helps stop the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Unfortunately this prescription drug is not without side effects including gynecomastia, acne and erectile dysfunction.

As well as dihydrotestosterone, another molecule is thought to be damaging to the human hair. Matrix metalloproteinase 9 or MMP-9 is believed to degrade the human hair follicle and studies have shown that Curcumin helps suppress the expression of MMP-9 in the human body. Curcumin is also believed to help inhibit the effects of Androgen receptors  and its co-factors that are involved in harmful effects related to hair loss.

Curcumin combined with Resveratol is believed to be a particularly helpful adjunct in the fight against hair loss and together protect against the damage caused by stress induced neurotrophins. Curcumin has been used along with Trans-Resveratrol as an adjunct in the fight against hair loss.


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